Focusing on Core Areas of Activities in Different Therapeutic Groups

For Rotapharm, years of unwavering resolution to the fundamental business philosophy of self-medication achieved through the prescription products and over-the-counter-medicines have never been stronger. And as a candidate for future market leadership of this industry, we will continue to actively promote our business operations. With our business, we focused on core areas of activities in different therapeutic groups . We are continuously looking to deliver brand new and high quality medicines of which not available in chosen markets that is effective on a global scale. Therefore we are simultaneously working with influential manufacturers to concentrate our strengths in efficient business development.

business1_foto” The creation of the pharmaceuticals to be used all over the world by strengthening our company structure from early beginning of the pharma business through to sales “

> In prescription pharmaceuticals, Rotapharm is implementing a structure to continuously deliver new drugs for domestic and overseas use. In business development, Rotapharm conducts in-house programs and develops tie-ups with corporations and research facilities worldwide. We inforced our network for gathering information from research centers in UK, the United States and Europe to stay abreast of the latest information in pharmaceutical business. On the other hand, new computer-based technologies used by our global partners with deep understanding and experience have significantly improved the quality and speed of new drug introduction.

” We have a keen understanding of consumer, self-medication needs “business2_foto

> The self-medication business is one of Rotapharm’s mainstay operations, receiving wide public support as a result of the strength of its brands. Health needs are undergoing a qualitative change, and self-medication now embodies the idea by which individuals asses the state of their health based on their own experience, treating minor ailments with over-the counter medications. In response to this shift in attitude, Rotapharm is seeking to grow further and strengthen its brands. Careful attention to area marketing is also allowing Rotapharm to utilize community pharmacies and drugstores as outlets for providing valuable health information. We constantly strive to remain the top company providing over-the-counter medications from the consumer’s perspective, leading the industry in self-medication in terms of both products and information.